October Manufacturing Month Tours

October is Manufacturing Month (you can read more about it here: https://www.cmtc.com/mfgmonthca2019) and several manufacturing facilities open their doors to student tours to learn more about the work and the environment. Several high schools with Engineering/Technical programs partner with factories in the Valley to show the students how to connect the knowledge that they get in the classroom with a real production environment by touring through their facilities and looking at the processes and skills needed to create consumer products.

students tour facility

Duncan hosted four different groups of high school students to talk with them about our production lines and how different processes from different areas complement each other to bring new products to life. We reviewed the flow of our manufacturing processes, all the way through delivering them to our customers and consumers. The students were also curious about the different skill sets that are needed to execute certain processes and had many questions from how to run a line to how to maintain our machinery. We enjoyed sharing all the work we're doing every day to bring creativity to our consumers, and we hope we motivated the students to continue their studies.