Corporate Leadership

Business Unit Leader - Ceramic Arts



The Business Unit Leader will uphold Duncan’s Vision Framework in all actions and endeavors, leads the Business Unit (BU) strategic plan, delivers on the annual sales, margin, expense and contribution margin plans.  Embraces continuous improvement, and breaks down departmental barriers to foster outstanding teamwork.  Must be a dynamic leader that can thrive in a fast-paced environment and has an aspiration to build a world-class team that will drive outstanding business results.



• Fosters the development of our dynamic company spirit and a leader following Duncan’s Vision Framework. 
• Innovate products, grow people and give back to the community 
• Be a model of the Duncan brand leader exhibiting professionalism to their team, our internal customers, and our external customers and vendor
• Effectively communicate in a timely and professional manner; execution of the Company’s Communication Policy and “closing the loop” with our team, customers and vendors.
• Develops the talent and professional standards of their team within the business unit; be actively involved in the Individual Development Plans within their department.
• Provide a job profile, performance metrics (clarity) and the tools and resources for individual and team success. 
• Hold individuals and teams accountable for underperformance through company corrective action process, conflict resolution is an expectation. 


• Develops and manages the BU strategic plan and department budget for sales and profitability as outlined in the five-year plan
• Is accountable for the BU financial budgets and key results (e.g. sales, P&L statement, etc.)
• Leads the strategic direction and execution for their BU and adapt to real-time and future business opportunities and decisions; ability to organize BU team to focus time and resources to optimize BU results
• Lead growth initiatives within BU including organic innovation, strategic partnerships, and future acquisition opportunities 
• Leads the collaborative partnership of making positive changes and impacts through process improvements with shared services (e.g. manufacturing, quality, customer service) teams aligned to BU priorities
• Acts as a close partner with the sales team and provides key sales and marketing support for all BU product programs
• Displays ability to partner and collaborate with other BU leaders and teams (NO SILOS)  
• Leads deep consumer understanding via our market research, trending, and other resources 
• Leads the development of big, new, creative products for existing and new channels.  Also leads the development of line extensions
• Understands and leads business analysis resulting in strong product and marketing recommendations
• Manages partnerships relating to new product development and marketing plans
• Develops and implement policies, procedures, and control systems that support the goals of the BU 
• Executes other associated responsibilities as directed


• Has ability to create and deliver impactful business, product and marketing presentations to  executive level customers, internal executive leadership team and in all company meetings    
• Has strong business analysis and marketing skills
• Create strategic plans real time and in the future
• Strong communication skills, both written and oral
• In depth knowledge of all areas within their BU
• Deep understanding of product development processes and consumer product needs
• In depth knowledge of market research & trending
• Hardworking, detailed


• Window/Mirror – give credit to the team for the wins and take ownership and responsibility for the failures   
• Act with enthusiasm, courage, confidence and humility 
• Think “big picture” and see all ramifications of a decision
• Judge the merit of consumer-driven programs and initiatives
• Agent of change to make Duncan Enterprises better
• Team player in every way
• Passionate and enthusiastic about the work and experience 
• Willingness to work at the strategic level and at the detail level with equal passion
• Ability to appreciate the strength of our brands within BU and how to maximize their success


• B.S. or B.A. degree in business or a related field
• Minimum of 15 years of marketing and new product development experience, with at least five years in a senior marketing role
• Consumer packaged goods experience with a SKU intensive background
• Track record of launching successful new products
• Female-oriented marketing experience is a big plus, as is kid’s marketing
• Licensing experience is also a plus
• Experience working in both large and small companies is desirable